This Woman Loves Cleaning So Much That She Now Cleans Other People’s Houses for Free

There are days when we just despise cleaning and wish someone else could do it. Be it setting the wardrobe, doing the dishes, or dusting, wouldn’t it be a blessing if someone else could do it for you? Well, there is someone who might help you out. There is a woman out there who enjoys cleaning so much that she quit her job and is now touring the world and helping women keep their homes clean for free.

Meet Auri Katriina

Auri Katriina, or the Queen of Cleaning, as she is known on social media, left her job to follow her passion. She was working at a cleaning company as a service manager before she decided it was time to help all those women who struggle with cleaning. The 29-year-old, who has now gained popularity on social media by sharing cleaning advice, has aimed to clean for free all over the world and serve people while doing something she absolutely enjoys. Two years ago, she started posting online about her cleaning. One day, a woman contacted her for assistance, and the rest is history. Auri has now traveled around the US and UK to help women clean, sponsored by Scrub Daddy, a cleaning sponge brand.

Cleaning Tips by Auri Katriina

Some of Auri’s cleaning tips have gone viral over the years. One of her magic tricks is to use cling film while cleaning stoves. Leave the films overnight, and in the morning, you will find all the dirt melted. Auri does not believe in using expensive products. Most of her tricks and tips involve products that are easily accessible and natural. Another tip is to use a microfiber cloth and water while cleaning the office or library. All she carries in her cleaning kit are a few basic items like dish soap, oven cleaner, a power paste by Scrub Daddy, vinegar, a scraper, and a microfiber cloth.

Advice for Non-Cleaners

When you can’t clean, start by simply observing what is dirty around the house. Then, if you see something that needs cleaning during the week, take care of it then. She advises setting a timer for 15 minutes and working as hard as you can during that period. People overstress over cleaning; it’s not that bad if you have stains or have neglected to clean something—your house doesn’t always need to be as spotless as it is in magazines. A little can go a long way when it comes to cleaning.