US Military Finally Responds To The Storm Area 51 Trend

The internet is full of fun little moments throughout its history, where people come together for the greater good, and the latest is storming Area 51. People are threatening to storm the base, and after weeks of speculation, the military has finally responded to the internet trend.

US Military Finally Responds To The Storm Area 51 Trend

Storming Area 51

For years conspiracy theorists have believed that Area 51 is where the U.S. Military keeps any aliens or alien craft that comes to our planet. If the military can harness alien tech, then perhaps they can make bigger and better weapons. Although it might sound like something from a comic book movie, there are many who believe there are a ton of alien secrets hidden at this base.

Finding Out For Themselves

A Facebook invitation went global when some smart cookies figured if a ton of people showed up to the base, there was no way they would come to any harm. Or at least the military couldn’t stop everyone, and some people would be able to slip inside.

More and more people are on board, and over a million people have committed to going to the event on September 20. The plan is to run at full speed toward Area 51, avoid the bullets from the military, and see what hidden treasure lie inside.

US Military Finally Responds To The Storm Area 51 Trend

The Military Responds

Since the event grew popular, there has been no word from the military on their plans. Their silence is broken, and the military has warned people planning on storming Area 51 that it is an active training facility for soldiers. In the statement, the military is discouraging anyone from following through with the plan as it is an armed training ground.

Perhaps most threateningly, the military says it “always stands ready to protect America and its assets.”