What Foods Actually Make You Live Longer?

Everyone wants to live forever and look good doing it. Check out these 3 power foods below which can help you live longer!


We think of bananas as being the ultimate potassium source, but in reality, avocados actually contain way more potassium! Avocados also have a ton of essential vitamins – B5, B6, C, E, K and folate. They require a little more effort to prepare than a banana, which you can simply unpeel on the go, but the superior taste of avocado more than makes up for it. Plus, you can have avocados so many ways – sliced with a little bit of lemon and salt on toast, smashed with tomatoes and onion in guacamole, or even added to hummus to make a super healthy food!


So, maybe your mom complains about how you’re constantly going out to sushi. But actually, aside from being the most Instagram worthy food out there, that sushi habit may be extending your life by several years at a pop! Fish is a super healthy substitute for red meat (which studies have linked to higher rates of cancer.) Full of necessary fatty acids that benefit your digestive and nervous systems, salmon is shown to delay aging in the body and help regenerative processes. However, maybe you’re worried about fish because of mercury – so pick cod or anchovies, which are less likely to be affected by chemicals.


Nuts are the perfect 3 p.m. slump snack – you know, the time when you’re the most tempted to reach for a big of chips or some sweets to get that midday energy boost. If you grab a handful of nuts instead, it’s a way better choice for both your waist line and internal organs – a Harvard medical study found that folks who ate a handful of nuts a day were way less likely to die from respiratory disease, cancer, and heart disease. Plus, nuts are chock filled with tons of protein, which helps keep you full longer.