This Couple’s Genius Plan Will Help You Grab an Extra Seat on Your Next Flight

All the excitement for a vacation can vanish if you have to sit next to an annoying person throughout your journey. However, a TikTok couple came up with a great plan to make their flight travel quiet and peaceful. With their plan, they get to keep their middle seat empty. Well, how did these two get to have three seats for the same price? Let’s find out!

The Cunning Plan

If you are aware of how flights work, you must know that parents traveling with babies get a free seat for the baby. The couple learned this and made the best use of this airline policy. The guy pretends to be traveling with a baby by wrapping, what we think is a pillow, in layers to make it appear like a baby and this would make the couple free to grab the seat. The world got to know about this when the girlfriend made a video and posted it on TikTok. The video begins with the girl covering her face with her hand in shock as she asks the audience if anybody else’s boyfriend does wacky things for the middle seat too. As soon as the video went out, people started searching for it.

The Very Famous TikTok Video

Currently, it has more than 3 million views and people still keep coming. In fact, the comment section below this video has been flooded with some very interesting comments. While some people called the idea “genius,” “brilliant,” and something they would “definitely try,” there were a few who weren’t very impressed. In fact, one commented, “That’s the seat I look for. I know parents don’t want to be split up so they’ll inevitably give up the window or aisle.” The second one wrote, “Hmm with a full flight you can try anything. Won’t work.”