Banksy’s Real Identity Revealed in Lost Interview…Or Was It?

Shutterstock // Nicholas Bailey

In a surprising turn of events, Banksy’s real name may no longer be shrouded in mystery. An interview with the elusive street artist from 2003 has resurfaced after being lost for two decades.

This revelation comes as a part of a bonus episode on BBC Sounds, adding a new layer to the ongoing intrigue surrounding Banksy’s identity.

Art Show and the BBC Interview

During the setup of his Turf War art show in 2003, Banksy granted an interview to the BBC’s Nigel Wrench. In this interview, the artist revealed what was purportedly his real name. The recording has now been found and will be featured in a special episode of The Banksy Story on BBC Sounds.

Mystery Solved?

Banksy was asked about his name, and he seemingly confirmed it to be Robert Banks, casually referring to himself as Robbie. However, skepticism remains, as the art world is no stranger to misdirection and speculation. Some have long suspected Robin Gunningham as the real Banksy, linking him to a defamation lawsuit involving Banksy’s company, Pest Control Ltd.

Shutterstock // Nicholas Bailey

Whether Banksy is Robbie Banks or Robin Gunningham is still a matter of speculation. Banksy has dropped subtle hints with his distinctive accent and big beard appearance, but whether these are genuine hints or calculated misdirection remains uncertain. He is, after all, a trickster!

The Purpose Behind the Vandalism

In the rediscovered 2003 interview, Banksy sheds light on his unconventional approach to art. He explained that his choice of vandalism as a medium stems from a desire for efficiency–it’s one of the quickest ways to make a point—like prepping a Sunday roast versus a microwave meal!

Whether he is Robbie Banks, Robin Gunningham, or someone else entirely, Banksy continues to captivate the world with his elusive persona and thought-provoking art. We wonder what he’s working on at the moment…