Our Voyage To Mars Could Soon Be More Eco-Friendly

Many people have dreamed of stepping foot on Mars for years. Now, it looks as though that goal could be within sight at long last. Believe it or not, but our trip to the new planet could soon be more eco-friendly than anyone ever believed. It appears as though it’s now about saving two worlds.

Our Voyage To Mars Could Soon Be More Eco-Friendly

Previous Plans

Believe it or not, but many researchers once believed they would have to release frozen carbon dioxide stored in Mars’ surface to create poles on the planet similar to those on Earth. However, they would also have to terraform the entire planet and could end up creating a greenhouse effect on Mars just to make it habitable. It would change the whole world.

Looking For Alternatives

It wasn’t long before researchers knew they needed another way to make their plan work. That’s when they thought of it: building a greenhouse. Ok, it might be a little more complex than that, but it involves creating large domes that could be placed over areas of Mars. Once inside, people could enjoy a stable atmosphere as well as enough light that passed through to help grow plants.

Our Voyage To Mars Could Soon Be More Eco-Friendly

The Perfect Material

Thankfully, there is the perfect material for the job, and it comes in the form of silica aerogel. The material is 97% porous. This means that it’s lightweight while still allowing the right kind of sunlight to come through to the plants and people below. Using silica gel domes means a new civilization wouldn’t need any other technology to survive on the new planet.

Living on Mars once seemed like a far-off sci-fi dream. However, it appears as though it could be closer than many of us ever believed, with our planned move being one of the most eco-friendly moves for millions of people in the universe – we hope.