This Newly Discovered Tree Frog Looks Just Like Pinocchio

Have you ever looked at something and got the feeling that you’ve seen it before? Scientists were about to have the same sense as this newly discovered tree frog looks just like Pinocchio. We knew we’d seen that nose somewhere before…

Uncovering The Species

Scientists were busy working in New Guinea when they uncovered three brand new species of tree frog. One of the species Litoria vivissimia translates to ‘cheeky monkeys,’ and the scientists felt as though they had walked past hundreds of them, but they were all hiding up in the trees. Another, Litoria pterodactyla, uses its webbed feet to fly amongst the trees.

This Newly Discovered Tree Frog Looks Just Like Pinocchio

An Unusual Addition

Although they all appeared to be normal tree frogs, there was something unusual about their noses. They all had a protruding snout. In fact, Litoria pinocchio’s snout measured at 2.5 millimeters, making it look as though it was straight from a Disney movie. All three species had the addition, but the scientists wanted to know why.

Looking For Clues

There were many clues about the noses, but nothing seemed to add up. Some of the frogs had noses that stuck out while others just appeared to hang there. However, all male Litoria pinocchio looked to have the same straight nose. Many started to wonder if the difference lay in the female and males of the species.

This Newly Discovered Tree Frog Looks Just Like Pinocchio

Possible Answers

The scientists were soon looking for clues as to why the frogs had the unusual snouts. Some had a theory that the length of their nose determined their fitness. However, females didn’t appear to be bothered by the length. Another scientist believes that the addition helps to make the frogs stand out from the crowd of others as all kinds of frogs gather in the same area.

Protecting Their Future

For now, it looks as though the frogs are safe. They live in an area of the forest that can receive more than 26 feet of rain a year, making it the perfect frog home. Plus, they are currently far away from humans. However, that could all be about to change as growing agricultural pressures have seen many of the forests come under threat.

This Newly Discovered Tree Frog Looks Just Like Pinocchio

The world is a huge place, and it seems as though some creatures have been hiding from us this entire time. It looks as though Mother Nature took a little inspiration from Pinocchio when designing these newly discovered tree frogs.