The T-Rex Apparently Enjoyed Built-In Air Conditioning

If there is one dinosaur that has become the star of the Jurassic show over the years, it’s the T-rex. Although they walked the Earth millions of years ago, they are still a fan favorite. Now, it looks as though the t-rex could have enjoyed built-in air conditioning.

The Holes In Question

The T-rex had two holes on the roof of its skull, known as dorsotemporal fenestra. The number of intact skulls found over the years has shown they exist for a long time. For many years, scientists thought that they were filed with muscles that would have helped the dinosaur control its impressive and powerful jaw. However, new studies believe they could have another answer to their existence.

The T-Rex Apparently Enjoyed Built-In Air Conditioning

Another Alternative

People were confused by the idea that a muscle could have grown along and then turned 90 degrees to go up through the holes. However, there is evidence that suggests the holes could have been filled with blood vessels. If they are correct, then this could mean that the holes were there to act as built-in air conditioning for the T-rex.

The T-Rex Apparently Enjoyed Built-In Air Conditioning

Modern-Day Clues

Why have scientists suddenly thought of another answer? This is all thanks to modern-day reptiles and alligators – whose ancestors roamed the Earth long before the T-rex. They have holes in their skull that appear to heat up when their body is cold and cool down when they are warm. It’s almost as though they have a thermostat all of their own.

The T-rex might have dominated the Earth millions of years ago, but their sheer size and power has left many of us wondering about the, ever since. Now, it turns out they could have been more impressive than any of us ever imagined thanks to their built-in air conditioning. Sadly. We’ll probably never get to see it in motion with our own eyes.