Video Showing Sky ‘Turning Off’ Seems to Prove There’s a Glitch in the Matrix

TikTok // @mel.finch

Simulation theory is the idea that our reality isn’t reality at all and we’re actually living in a simulation. Basically, this concept explores if the movie The Matrix was actually our reality. Well, the theory seems to have been proven true, and there seems to be a glitch in the matrix, thanks to this freaky video that’s been making the rounds on social media.

The Sky Seemed to Turned Off

The incident took place on December 27th, in Allenstown, Pennsylvania. Residents of the small town were shaken to their core when the sky above them suddenly began glitching. The previously blue sky switched colors several times – as if were malfunctioning – and then went black. Any thoughts that this may have been a case of someone tampering with some footage were disproven by the fact that multiple people had videos of the incident. Of course, rumors of simulation theory and a glitch in the matrix began to circulate on the internet.

What Really Happened

After getting wind of the chaos that was happening on social media, the authorities stepped in with a reasonable – albeit, less exciting – explanation. The City of Allenstown wrote on Facebook, “Earlier this evening, a PPL transformer at 13th and Washington Streets blew, causing several power outages in the city, including street lights and traffic lights in center city and the west end. Our Traffic Department is doing its best to get as many temporary stop signs up as possible. If you get to an intersection and a traffic light isn’t working, it should be treated as though it is a 4-way stop sign. Please be safe driving through the City tonight.”

TikTok // @nowspacetime

Sorry, believers of simulation theory, maybe next time.