Scientists Say Your Mornings Should Look Like This

Whether you like it or not, everyone starts his or her day off with a routine of some sort. Some elect to make something of the early hours of the day while others constantly battle with the snooze button.

We do not even think of it as a routine because it feels so natural to do what we do during our mornings. Scientists have published research on the most effective ways to start your day. Here is what they found.

Pass On The Shower

Evidence continues to suggest that showering too much is bad for your skin and hair. Did you shower the night before? If so, avoid a shower in the morning. Showering too frequently and especially using shampoo too often washes away the oils on your scalp and hair which keeps them looking healthy.

Hold The Coffee…For A Bit

Humans are wired to give themselves a jolt of energy in the morning. The hormone cortisol is the body’s natural caffeine, and it peaks between 8:00 and 9:00 AM. Drinking coffee actually stunts cortisol in the morning. Wait until a bit later in the morning for your caffeine boost.

Work It Out

Doctors and scientists have suggested early morning workouts for years. According to research, working out in the morning on an empty stomach pushes the body to work off of fat reserves instead of the most recent meal which is ideal for weight loss. In addition, getting out into the sunlight early helps set your circadian rhythm.

Say Goodbye To Multivitamins

Flintstones vitamins might taste delicious and give you your daily dose of vitamins, but they will never replace real vitamins within your diet. Some experts even go as far as saying that there is no “clear evidence that they’re beneficial.” They more frequently are telling people to stay away from them.