New Yorkers Have Reported 85 UFO Sightings In Last Two Years

In just two years, there have been a staggering 85 UFO sightings in the state of New York alone, with 27 of them coming from some of Manhattan’s tallest skyscrapers.

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Washington’s National UFO Reporting Center recently released the report, which also specified 24 sightings in Brooklyn, as well as 20 in Queens, with a “group of about seven UFOs, with a leader to the side, and a cluster to its north.”

The National Reporting Center focuses on exploring the truth behind the numerous sightings that are regularly made around the globe. The report stated that an object was seen “rotating like a drill as it was also moving off axis and in a line towards the east.”

“It only takes one or two regular witnesses, UFO investigators, groups or promoters to highlight UFO activity in one particular area,” UFO Investigations Manual writer Nigel Watson said.

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“Another area might have just as many UFO sightings, but if there are no active ufologists there and/or a local media that ignores such stories, then they will never get any attention.”

However, Watson admitted that there were potential holes in this study. “Even then expert witnesses, like pilots, can be mistaken and it is notoriously difficult to separate knowns (e.g. misidentified stars, aircraft, rockets etc) from unknowns,” he said.

“Large data bases tend to be riddled with a wide variety of errors due to these problems and only give an accurate guide to levels of UFO reporting rather than UFO activity.”

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Since the first official sighting of aliens came in 1905, there have been over 100,000 sightings of alien activity and UFOs. Researchers are working tirelessly around the clock to find answers.

In February last year, it was revealed that more people were reporting sightings of spaceships and UFOs than ever before. By the 90s, the rate rose considerably from 10,000 to 45,000 per year.