NASA Will Soon Be Taking Tourists To The International Space Station

There’s something about space that has been enough to captivate many of us over the years. It’s just so vast and far away. What if there really could be something more out there? While many of us believed that we would never get the chance to see it for ourselves, NASA will soon be taking tourists to The International Space Station.

NASA Will Soon Be Taking Tourists To The International Space Station

To The Stars

If you‘ve ever wanted to see what Earth is like from space, then it could soon be your chance as NASA has announced they have plans to allow tourists on the International Space Station (ISS). This has always been reserved for trained astronauts – until now.

Not The First

Believe it or not, but the ISS isn’t owned by NASA. It was actually built with Russia back in 1998. Although there have always been rules that only allow astronauts on the space station, that all changed in 2001 when a businessman paid Russia $20 million for a trip.

NASA Will Soon Be Taking Tourists To The International Space Station

Performing Duties

Anyone lucky enough to get a trip to the ISS is expected to perform a host of duties. This could be anything from bioengineering, manufacturing, or creating regenerative medicine. Tourists will get 30 days to become a part of the team before they are then collected and returned to Earth.

Allowing Businesses

As well as allowing tourists, it’s rumored there could also be plans to add a dock onto the ISS that will enable businesses to attach to the station before they head back to Earth. This means they could rent the space and give tourists a unique vacation that’s out of this world.

Meeting Requirements

Not everyone can get a ticket to the ISS. In fact, people need to have a connection to a NASA mission, need microgravity equipment to perform their work, or want to help build a low-Earth orbit economy if they stand a chance of heading to space.

While it might seem as though we could one day walk among the stars, it appears as though we might need to save up first. That’s right; tickets are believed to cost $35,000 a night for private companies. Still, we could be one step closer to The International Space Station that we ever thought.