The Morning Coffee Dilemma: Is it the Right Start to Your Day?

Timing Your Coffee

Surgeon Dr. Karan Raj has gained a massive following on TikTok for his medical advice and facts that resonate with audiences on a large scale. One of his videos has sparked debate among morning coffee lovers, raising the essential question: Is your morning caffeine fix really setting the right tone for your day? All the coffee lovers out there usually have a habit of consuming a cup of hot brew as soon as they wake up. However, it is also essential to know if this morning habit is really a beneficial start to your day.

The Correct Times

The Correct Times

Dr. Raj advises against consuming coffee as soon as you wake up. He explains that our bodies naturally wake us up by releasing cortisol in the morning. This cortisol spike gives us the initial energy boost needed to kickstart the day. It’s a natural wake-up call, and consuming coffee right away might interfere with this process. Instead of that early cup of Joe, wait until mid-morning when your cortisol levels start to dip. This is when you might start feeling a bit sluggish. At this point, a dose of caffeine can provide a more effective pick-me-up. By aligning your coffee break with your body’s natural energy fluctuations, you can maximize the benefits of caffeine without disrupting your morning wakefulness.

Morning Habits That Impact Your Energy Levels

There are two more habits that can disrupt your morning energy levels. Firstly, hitting the snooze button may feel like a small victory, but Dr Karan warns that it tricks your body into thinking it’s time for another sleep cycle, leading to more grogginess. Second, the habit of immediately checking your phone upon waking can also disrupt your morning alertness. It bypasses natural brain wave transitions, leaving you on edge. Instead of easing into wakefulness, you’re thrust into a state of heightened alertness, which can set an anxious tone for the day.