Gray Hair Could Regain Its Color If We Become Less Stressed, Study Finds

For many people, the thought of gray hair is a depressing one, as it’s typically the sign of getting old. While it has often been thought that once hair turns gray it stays that way forever, scientists believe it could regain its natural color.

Stressful Times

In a world that can be stressful, even for the most relaxed people, one thing that shows how stressed we are is our hair color. It has been proven that our hair can turn gray after we experience stressful situations. Lab mice have also seen their fur turn gray when put in stressful situations by scientists. Stress is a contributor to turning our hair a lighter shade, but it can also be the thing that can help restore it to its natural color.

Time To De-stress

Scientists at Columbia University in New York have found that lowering the stress levels in our body gives the chance for hair color to return. It means that we may no longer have to accept going gray, especially if it happens in your life way sooner than scheduled.

The experts’ findings may lead to the development of medication that can help to reverse the graying process many people undergo. Of course, finding a way to reduce the stress in your life naturally may also reduce the number of grays on your head.

A Reminder To Slow Down

Life these days can often be fast-paced, but perhaps paying attention to the color of our hair is a reminder to slow down. If stress is causing your gray hair, then finding ways of alleviating that feeling could slow the process down.

Of course, some people naturally go gray, and those hairs are unlikely to return to their original shade. But for those who have noticed a change due to stress, in the future, you might be seeing your classic color coming back.