One Fox Baffled Scientists With Their 2,000-Mile Journey

It’s intriguing for scientists and researchers to follow individual animals, and in this case, it was the adventures of a very young Arctic fox. However, what they found actually led to some pretty eye-opening information.

One Fox Baffled Scientists With Their 2,000-Mile Journey

They Attached A GPS Tracker

The fox was being traced by scientists from the Norwegian Polar Institute which is in Norway. The fox left the area and started on what would be a mammoth expedition, although no one could understand how this clever little fox did what she did. Somehow she managed to travel from Ellesmere Island in Canada over two months later.

They Didn’t Believe It At First

The scientists even had to consider whether the fox had potentially been captured and was perhaps on a boat somewhere. However, after further tracking the movements and paying closer attention, it became clear that the fox was doing this all on her own. They also knew no other boats traveled that far up the ice.

One Fox Baffled Scientists With Their 2,000-Mile Journey

The Fox Will Have To Make Some Changes

The fox herself will have to make some changes along with her new environment, she has traveled such a long way that her usual meal isn’t on the menu. Instead of various marine animals, this fox will have to switch to small mammals or lemmings.

It Highlighted A Bigger Issue

This made the scientists realize how vital the ice and ice caps are for these animals to get from one place to another. The caps have melted so badly around Iceland that the foxes there are now entirely stranded with no way of moving around. It highlighted how this can seriously alter the lives of sea wildlife, changing everything for them forever.

Since this experiment, they have called for more awareness of climate change.