The First Ever Flying Car Has Finally Taken To The Skies

Ever since the Jetsons cartoon in the ‘60s, people have been dreaming of flying cars. Then in Back to the Future, that dream got bigger, but here we are in 2019, and we don’t have flying cars yet. Or don’t we? The first ever flying car has finally taken to the skies, so fasten your seatbelts because where we’re going, we don’t need roads.

Boeing’s Drone

Boeing is famous for making huge airline models, such as the 747 and 737, which are commercial planes that you’ve most likely flown in once or twice. Now, they are turning their attention to the flying car market and have created a passenger drone that they are calling a self-flying car. It is the breakthrough science fiction fans have been dreaming of ever since seeing Deckard flying all over Los Angeles in Blade Runner.

The First Ever Flying Car Has Finally Taken To The Skies

Testing A Success

The airline company recently tested the drone and had some amazing results. It was able to take off and land completely unassisted, which bodes well for the future. The first flight only lasted a total of one minute, but it’s progress…

After all, Rome wasn’t built in a day! Boeing’s drone is 30 foot long and 28 foot wide so won’t be fitting into a parking space anytime soon, but that’s not important right now. A flying car has finally taken to the skies!

The First Ever Flying Car Has Finally Taken To The Skies

A Year In The Making

Amazingly the drone only took Boeing a year to create from planning to flying. It runs solely on electricity and has a range of 50 miles at the moment. There is competition from other manufacturers to be the first to bring a flying car to market so watch this airspace! In the future we will no longer be stuck in a traffic jam on our roads, instead, it’ll be in the sky!

Science has come a long way from our futuristic dreams of the past. We are capable of making the technology of tomorrow, and this flying car is just another step along the way of becoming a greener and more technological society.