New Fat Loss Breathalyzer Available For Home Use

Losing weight is no easy feat. In order to successfully lose some unwanted pounds, it takes a combination of incorporating a balanced diet into your life as well as switching to an active lifestyle and adding in consistent workouts in your life.

Hard work and consistency are key, but oftentimes it is difficult to stay on track. Life simply gets in the way: birthdays, holidays, work parties…when you’re trying to lose weight it seems as though nearly everything and everyone in your life is standing in your way. Sometimes, certain gadgets can help you stay on track and celebrate the victories along the way, both big and small.

Some people choose to buy smart watches such as Polar watches or Fitbit watches that keep track of their daily activity levels and calories burned while they work out. The Apple Watch also has similar capabilities, and some of these watches will even let you know when you have been sitting down for too long and need to move around.


The newest invention in weight loss aiding gadgets is called the Levl, and it promises to help you keep track of just hot much fat your body is burning by using technology that is similar to an alcohol breathalyzer test. The way the Levl works is twofold: first you breathe into a grey pod and then place in into a white docking space. After a few seconds, information about your fat burning levels will appear. Additionally, an accompanying app will provide even more detailed information like how many calories you have burned and how many pounds you have lost.

The device uses breath acetone in order to keep track of the fat a person has burned. It will set consumers back $699 for the actual device, plus $49 per month for new replacement calibration gas and sensors. The device will first be sold in Seattle, where Levl’s headquarters are located, and will eventually be available nationwide. If you are interested in purchasing the device, you can find it on Levl’s website now.