Elon Musk Breaks His Silence On Neuralink

Elon Musk is a man filled with many ideas. His company Neuralink was announced in 2016, but the ideas and concepts behind it all were kept a secret – until now. It appears as though Neuralink have been up to a lot in the last few years.

Elon Musk Breaks His Silence On Neuralink

The Idea

So what is Neuralink working on? It turns out the company is set to create a brain-computer interface. This involves having 3,000 surgically-implanted electrodes that can monitor 1,000 neurons at a time inserted in your brain just behind the year. They will be embedded in about 100 thin threads that are set to be even smaller than a strand of our hair.

The Purpose

Why you may ask? That’s because Elon wants to work on a way to combine the power of our minds with artificial intelligence. As well as being able to monitor our brains with an app, it will also help us speed up our work with technology such as computers and laptops, but that’s not all. Neuralink also hopes that it will help people with paralysis or missing limbs to control artificial ones with their mind.

Elon Musk Breaks His Silence On Neuralink

Will It Work?

There is still a long way to go before this product is on the market, but Neuralink has high hopes that it won’t be long until they can put their work to good use. Apparently, they have already tested the idea on mice and a monkey, with the latter being able to control a computer with their mind.

Although we might be a long way from being able to control robots with just our minds, it looks as though Elon Musk has been putting his brain to good use once again with Neuralink. It might not be long before the stuff that was once confined to science fiction movies becomes a part of our everyday life.