There Could Be A Copy Of Wikipedia On The Moon

The human race has done a lot of impressive things during its history, and it would be an awful shame if it was all forgotten about. To safeguard our history, some bright sparks decided it was a great idea to put some of humanity’s accomplishments on the moon.

After a mix up with the spacecraft taking copies of our greatest accomplishments to the moon, there now is some uncertainty. We think there might be a copy of Wikipedia on the moon, but we aren’t sure, and here’s why.

There Could Be A Copy Of Wikipedia On The Moon

Humanity’s End

Many people fear the end of the world will come sooner than expected and some scientists have taken measures to ensure our history will be remembered. A shuttle was sent to space carrying some of humanity’s greatest works, in what has become known as the Arch Lunar Library.

It is believed there is 100 GB of information in this library in the form of 25 nickel disks that has been etched onto them in tiny font. There is believed to be around 30 million pages of information combining text and pictures. It’s an extensive library that hosts 30,000 books and over 5,000 languages that will ensure the human race will live on, even if it’s just in memory.

In this library, there is also one of the greatest resources ever known to man, a complete copy of Wikipedia.

There Could Be A Copy Of Wikipedia On The Moon

To The Moon

This library was shot up to the moon so that even if our planet perishes, the moon will hold our secrets. The nickel disks were loaded up onto a spacecraft that was due to land somewhere on the surface of the moon. Now it seems as though we’re treating the moon like some kind of garage where we store all of our stuff.

There was a problem with the craft taking the Arch Lunar Library, and it accidentally shut itself off before turning back on. It was a minor blip, but it meant the ship crashed into the moon at 300 miles per hour. The disks in the library were designed to be virtually indestructible, and so we know they will have survived. What we don’t know is where it is exactly.

So there is a giant library somewhere on the moon, but because the craft taking it there crashed, we have no idea where.