FBI Releases Files That Show Their Investigation Into BigFoot

People love to share myths and legends stories, but no one can ever know for sure how true they are. One of the biggest myths in the world is the story of Bigfoot, and people have never been able to conclusively shed light on this legendary creature. Is there really an ape-like creature running around the forests of America, or is it just a hoax? This is what the FBI found when they investigated Bigfoot.

FBI Releases Files That Show Their Investigation Into BigFoot

What Were They Investigating?

The FBI weren’t sending their agents into the woods dressed in suits looking for Sasquatch. Instead, the Bureau was sent hairs from a self-titled Bigfoot hunter. The man who sent in the hairs is Peter Byrne, and in his years of hunting for Bigfoot, he could not explain this clump of hairs he came across. Byrne said he found about 15 hairs attached to a tiny piece of skin and it was the first piece of evidence he had gained in six years.

Not Usually Their Bag

Then FBI Assistant Director, Jay Cochran Jr., responded to Byrne, telling him that while they don’t usually investigate these matters, they would. Cochran Jr. said the investigation into the hairs sent by Byrne would be in the “interest of research and scientific inquiry.

The FBI Assistant Director was making an exception as it was seemingly an exciting piece of evidence. Those hair samples were sent in by Byrne to the FBI in the ‘70s, and the Bureau has finally released what they found about Bigfoot.

FBI Releases Files That Show Their Investigation Into BigFoot

What Did They Find?

Well, Byrne might have been convinced he’d discovered real physical evidence of Sasquatch, but that’s not what the FBI discovered. As far as they were concerned, the hairs and fibers that Byrne found belonged to nothing more exciting than a deer. Perhaps it was the fact that Byrne hadn’t made a significant discovery or six years that led him to believe what he found in the woods belonged to Bigfoot.

We have been waiting for decades for some new information on Bigfoot, but this FBI investigation is not it. The search still goes on for the mysterious creature that 21 percent of Americans believe exists according to a poll by Chapman University. One day we’ll know for sure if these creatures have ever truly existed or not, but it’s not today.