New Anti-Aging Breakthrough Could Actually Keep You Healthier For Longer

Let’s be honest; there’s a whole load of people out there that would jump at the chance of turning back the clock and going back in time. In fact, you might be one of them. We would do anything to go back to our younger years, without the wrinkles and without the graying hair. But what if you could not only look younger but also feel younger and healthier as you age? This new anti-aging breakthrough can help you do just that.

New Anti-Aging Breakthrough Could Actually Keep You Healthier For Longer

Turning Back The Clock

When people think of anti-aging, they normally think of the countless vitamins and face creams that can be found in the modern market. You can’t make your way through a store without being bombarded with advertisements for treatments that do away with wrinkles, and it seems as though everyone has their own cure for the physical side effects of aging. However, we’ve rarely spoken about the body in terms of aging. As the years pass your cells, break down and pass away, and this ultimately causes your aching limbs, your changing physique, and a general lack of energy. Now, a pharmaceutical company believes that they have found the cure for aging as a whole.

The Biotech Firm

In fact, we have Michael West to thank for such a thing. He founded Geron, a biotech firm, back in 1990, and he made it his mission to focus on aging and find a cure for it. Although it has taken many years, he has worked with some of the best researchers in the world to work out what exactly causes aging, and how you can stop the process in its tracks, or even reverse it. Through his research, he has found that you can slow down the aging process using pharmaceuticals. This actually extends the healthspan of a person, which means that you can spend even more of your years disease-free.

New Anti-Aging Breakthrough Could Actually Keep You Healthier For Longer

Putting Money Into It

Yet, Geron isn’t the only biotech firm that’s looking into medicine that can turn back the clock. Over the past few years, the number of biotech firms sprouting up across the world has not only increased, but funding into the research has also increased. This means that with more and more heads looking into the idea, we could have the end product sooner than we think.

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