Y-Brush – A Smarter Toothbrush That Only Needs 10 Seconds

Y-Brush CloseupAbout 90 percent of case studies show that teeth brushing is done incorrectly. Health professionals make different recommendations from country to country. Teeth should be brushed for two to three minutes, twice a day. However, with the Y-Brush, it’s now possible to brush your teeth effectively in 10 seconds instead of two minutes.

Recently, the French company FasTeesh started selling the brush that cleans all your teeth in just 10 seconds. Fast forward to this year, the framework of the electronics fair CES 2021, the Y-Brush is back. It’s developed in close collaboration with dentists for over four years, and it’s able to brush teeth efficiently in only 10 seconds.

Unlike the regular, non-electrical toothbrush, Y-Brush’s patented technology cleans the teeth of the user in-depth, for adults and children alike. The electric toothbrush features a flexible gum shield lined with nylon bristles on one side, attached to a square power base.

A female model using the Y-BrushHow Y-Brush Works

The way that the electric toothbrush works is similar to the regular electric toothbrush. Instead of moving the little head of a toothbrush from tooth per tooth over two minutes, the special new device brushes all of the top teeth simultaneously for five seconds and then the bottom for the same amount of time. The toothbrush resembles a sports mouthguard that’s packed with nylon bristles. The motor that’s precisely installed in the handle of the brush conveys vibrations to a nylon bristle brush. In return, it moves to efficiently clean the gums, gum lines, and of course, the teeth all at once in the upper and lower part of the mouth.

A female model holding the Y-BrushRechargeable Battery, Up to 3 Months of Use

The nylon bristles are fine enough to reach in between the teeth. They produce a deep clean and careful elimination of dental plaque. The brushes of the new Y-Brush are very flexible and therefore adaptable to jaws of all shapes and sizes, allowing for complete coverage of all of the teeth. It has three different vibration modes: soft (15 seconds), normal (10 seconds), and intense (5 seconds), and it comes with a charging stand. The battery is rechargeable, and a full charge lasts up to three months.