Why Everyone Is Talking About The New Mac Pro

Apple is everywhere these days. Wherever you go, there seems to be an apple product somewhere. Some people have even filled their homes with Apple products, from phones, computers, laptops, watches, sound systems; you name it, they’ve done it. One of the reasons for this is probably because they seem to be continually updating their technology and the look, making it sound super covetable to the consumer who always wants to be one step ahead of the next person. However, everyone is obsessed with the new Mac Pro for one reason…

Why Everyone Is Talking About The New Mac Pro

The New Mac Pro

It’s that time of year again; when Apple tells the world that they have a new, updated release for their fans to see. This time, they were marketing the new Mac Pro, which no doubt people were thrilled to discover. They always make a huge deal about unveiling their latest products. It all seems to add to the hype of a newer, more streamlined system that would fit perfectly in people’s homes or offices.

It was a huge cheese grater

Yes, you read that right; basically, Apple unveiled a large cheese grater to the world and claimed it was the new Apple Mac. Okay, it wasn’t actually a cheese grater, but viewers everywhere couldn’t help but associate the rear of the Mac with a giant bell-shaped cheese grater. The resemblance is uncanny and people have taken to the internet to compare the two.

Why Everyone Is Talking About The New Mac Pro

Hilarious Twitter reactions

People have taken to social media to express their utter glee at the design flaw, with some wondering whether or not it was done on purpose to cause a social media frenzy. While it seems unlikely, if it is true, then they’re probably sitting behind the scenes chuckling to themselves. People have been posting hilarious pictures, saying that they think the new Mac Pro is ‘grate…’ Good one.

Cheese grating technology

While no one likes getting their fingers caught in the cheese grater, nobody thought that Apple would create the next best thing when it came to cheese grating technology. Now, everyone can own an Apple product! As a disclaimer, please don’t use your new Mac Pro as a cheese grater.

Apple’s hilarious design flaw is a seriously amusing move, and the rest of the world thinks so too. What will they bring us next?