Vitapod Changes Regular Drinking Water Into Magical Wellness Drinks

It’s a common sight to pass a confused buyer looking at the endless rows full of unknown flavored heath drinks in any supermarket. But, all of these self-announced healthy drinks often come with at least a few strings attached. To help you out, a relatively new machine has promised to turn your regular tap water into personalized health drinks. Now you can fancy a drink whenever you want, served fresh from your kitchen countertop.

The Machine

This revolutionary new machine, named Vitapod, looks a bit familiar like a Keurig or similar kind of pod-based machine. But unlike others, Vitapod doesn’t come in handy in making coffee. Rather it filters water multiple times and mixes it with specially-formulated infusing pods within a jet-speed mixing chamber, before cooling the drinks down to ‘optimal’ drinking temperature.

The Pods

The star of the machine here is the pods, which are not just your go-to flavoring agents. With a wide range to choose from, these pods cover everything from electrolytes-enriched hydration with vitamins and minerals, to energy, immunity, and metabolism-boosting actions with active caffeine. All these health-beneficiary actions come in yummy flavors like cotton candy, iced tea, and various other fruity infusions.

The Worth

The Vitapod machine starter kit includes an 18.5 oz. sized bottle, and a variety pack of 10 pods. The cost of the kit is $199.99. Pods are also available in different packs of 30, with a price range from $34.99 to $44.99. Now, if you are already a mama’s boy and never forget to gulp your regular amount of water, this machine may not be on your wishlist but for those who don’t care about pouring liters of water inside or are simply bored with over-sweetened or strange-tasting health drinks, Vitapod is an interesting and sustainable option, sitting in your room.