This Triple-Screen Smart Desk Will Transform Your Workspace Into A Playground

Ever felt like one computer screen is just not enough? Well now, a tech company has created a smart desk that has three screens, giving you plenty of screen space and making you feel like the King of technology.


Cemtrex has created what it is describing as “the most advanced workstation on the market.” “The world is ready for a SmartDesk,” Cemtrex CEO and Chairman Saagar Govil said. “It is 2018 but our workspaces have not evolved like most things we interact with on a daily basis like our smartphones, smart cars, and smart homes.”

At the center of this beautiful smart desk are three multi-touch screens that are 24 inches and can even be controlled by one’s gestures. However, that is purely scratching the surface as far as its capabilities are concerned.

With a keyboard, a phone-charger and a trackpad, all embedded, this desk keeps surprising on every turn. There are also PC and USB ports in very discrete locations and even a scanner connected to the frame of the monitor.

desk 2

Naturally, the Cemtrex SmartDesk is going to start off at an extremely hefty price, costing you a stunning $3,999. Also, another issue that potential customers might face is the lack of opportunity for customization. Every feature is in place, and cannot be adjusted.

Nevertheless, the SmartDesk is in essence, an office on a desk, which is something you will rarely see. When you take into consideration all the features that it has, its $3,999 tag is pretty reasonable.

Moreover, if you don’t want to use the SmartDesk for work purposes, it is an ideal space for the most fervent of video game aficionados. This is bound to be a playing experience like no other.

desk 1

Other features include an inbuilt phone with Bluetooth ear-buds. The Cemtrex SmartDesk is available for pre-order now and will be on the market completely by the Fall of 2018.