The Nokia 8110 Is Back With A Slight Twist

The Nokia 8110 was first seen in 1996 and made famous by the Matrix movies. At the time, everyone wanted to get their hands on the super cool, black, sliding cell phone, but now, smartphones are all the range and the newest technology around.

However, fans of the old school Nokia’s will be delighted to find out that the company is releasing a new, updated version of the Nokia 8110. The new phone is slightly curved to fit the face perfectly, and also features 4G support, 25-day battery life and the iconic game, Snake. The one other aspect that is new is the yellow color of the phone, which almost makes it resemble a banana.


The announcement came as HMD chief executive Florian Seiche said they wanted to “create a unique identity for the brand” and also “expand and refresh” what they now present in the Nokia portfolio.

The 8110 allows you to lock and unlock you phone with a snap cover, and the original slider, making it almost exactly the same as the original. One of the biggest developments on the phone is the fact that emails can be made and social media apps are all available for download.


The concept promises to excite fans of the original model, and they can be confident in the fact that costing roughly $97, it will be a much smaller investment than the other hi-tech, state of the art smartphones on the market. The phone might have been nicknamed the “banana,” due to its color, but the fact that the battery life is said to last 25 days, giving you long-lasting energy, just like a banana!


If the thought of reliving your youth through this phone is something that you would be interested in, you won’t have to wait too long as the¬†Nokia 8110 4G is set to be released in May 2018.