The Switch Lite Could Change Gaming Once Again

Nintendo has been at the top of the gaming world for many years. With the likes of Mario and Zelda under their belt, it can be hard to picture a world without Nintendo. Not only have they created some of the best-loved franchises in the world, but the Switch Lite could change gaming once again.

The Switch Lite Could Change Gaming Once Again

An Unexpected Addition

Many Nintendo fans have been on the edge of their seats for months as experts predicted there would be a new console announcement back in March 2019. However, the Switch Lite wasn’t the more powerful Switch that many people imagined. In fact, it’s the complete opposite! No one knew another handheld console was on the cards, but many are living for the news.

The Differences

There are some significant differences between the Switch and the Lite. One of the biggest is it’s got a slightly smaller screen, and no longer has removable Joy Con controllers. Instead, it’s an all-in-one handheld console that is rumored to weigh just half a pound. To top it off, the Switch Lite no longer connects to the TV. In a way, it no longer switches.

The Switch Lite Could Change Gaming Once Again

Changing The Game

The Switch Lite looks set to take the place of the 3DS on the market. After all, the previous console is coming toward the end of its lifespan and needed something to take its place. However, being an in-between size while still being portable and filled with our beloved games. Rather than replacing the Switch, it seems as though the Lite is designed to live alongside the console.

Of course, a new Nintendo console means that it probably won’t be long before millions of Switch Lites are sold around the world. The best bit? This could be a new inspiration for many companies as Nintendo change gaming once again.