Gadgets You Need For The Beach This Summer

While beach trips on their own are often one of the summer’s greatest highlights, there are a few new gadgets that have hit the market that are sure to make your time in the sun even more worthwhile. With the following new items, your trip is even more likely to be a relaxing break from daily life, rather than a source of stress.

Prynt Phone Case

If you ever wished you could turn your smartphone into a Polaroid camera,¬†Prynt’s new phone case is just what you need. Just slip your phone in and choose which photos you want to share copies of. They’ll be printed in mere seconds.


Gone are the days of worrying about finding a locker when you hit the surf so you don’t have to worry about your valuables falling into the wrong hands. Safego’s locker is an on-the-go piece of equipment that can fit your wallet, phone, or camera while you’re swimming or sleeping. Even better, you can still listen to music while your stuff is locked away.

JOTO Waterproof Phone Case

Accidental mishaps with smartphones and water are par for the course on beach vacations, whether you forget your phone is in your pocket while running into the water, or it happens to slip and fall while trying to capture the perfect sunset shot. Joto’s waterproof case will keep your phone in working order, and will even help you take stellar underwater photos.

Campark 4k Action Cam

Forget about GoPro. Campark’s waterproof action cam will capture the same thrills of a GoPro but at an affordable price of only $50. Take the camera underwater while you dive, or simply if you set sail towards the open sea.

Mophie’s Powerstation Plus

Portable chargers are a necessary device when setting out from the comforts of the modern world. If you want to power your speakers and camera all day, then you’ll need to be able to charge your phone. Mophie’s portable battery pack can do that twice over.