Struggle to Wake Up in the Mornings? Check This Alarm Out.

For most people, getting out of bed in the morning is their least favorite part of the day — especially during the winter when it’s cold and dark. What’s the solution to this issue? While some people choose to wake up with an alarm clock, others prefer an alarm light. These devices are said to help you to wake up more easily, give you more energy in the morning, and even provide you with a more rested feeling. They might be much better than a regular alarm clock!

Struggle to Wake Up in the Mornings? Check This Alarm Out.

Sunrise alarm clocks do get pretty pricey, but don’t be intimidated – some can be bought at a very affordable price. Regularly browsing the websites for sales is the best way to find a good offer.

But how exactly does this work?

These new fixtures gradually brighten to simulate the sunrise, meaning you wake up more naturally and less grumpily. The sunrise simulation starts 30 minutes before the set wake up time. Thus, people who have invested in such devices seem to awaken just like they would with the actual sunrise.

It’s good to note that there is also a sunset mode that does the reverse of the sunrise function. For a natural progression toward sleep, a light slowly dims and fades out. Using a good wake-up light is supposed to improve energy and sleep levels and overall well-being. Waking up feeling more refreshed is priceless.

Struggle to Wake Up in the Mornings? Check This Alarm Out.

Traditional alarm clocks vs. alarm lights

The loud tones traditional alarm clocks produce every morning are simply not conducive to a good mood.

Wake up lights do have alarms, but they are usually natural tones that are a bit more relaxing to wake up to than a harsh beeping sound or blaring siren. Imagine chirping birds or the radio instead.

An alarm light helps sleepers experience mornings in an entirely new way. Get rid of the loud alarm clocks and snooze button habit and start waking up more naturally with a simulated sunrise wake up light! The benefits are hard-to-ignore – more energy, easier to get out of bed, happier wake-ups, and an overall better morning.