Samsung Are One Step Closer To Releasing The Galaxy Fold

At one stage, the world was crazy for flip phones. Cell phones have changed a lot since then, but it seems as though they are due for a comeback shortly. Samsung has been developing their own take on the flip phone with the Galaxy Fold, and it’s thought they are one step closer to releasing the futuristic device.

Samsung Are One Step Closer To Releasing The Galaxy Fold

Teething Problems

Rumors began surfacing about Samsung’s attempts at releasing a folding phone months ago, but it ran into a few serious problems. The screen’s protective film could be peeled off by hand, which rendered the device useless.

Secondly, there was a mysterious bulge that appeared which was believed to be something to do with the hinges. That has reportedly been fixed and now there is no bulge, meaning the screen fits flush into the device.

Beginning Production

Bloomberg believes that Samsung’s latest device could be set to go into production very shortly. They appear to have sorted out their initial problems and are continuing to try to push the boundaries for technology.

Samsung has planned a Galaxy Note event in August 2019, but it’s not clear if they will use this opportunity to showcase their latest phone. There is no confirmed release date yet, but the tech giant is looking to ramp up their production efforts in the coming months.

Samsung Are One Step Closer To Releasing The Galaxy Fold

Before The Year Is Out

All signs point to the Galaxy Fold being released before the end of 2019. Samsung is looking to get its innovative new product in stores as soon as possible, and all eyes will be on the Fold when it comes out.

With the initial teething problems, consumers might be a little hesitant to invest while the device comes under a lot of scrutiny from industry experts.