Pioneer Creates What Is Believed To Be The Strongest Wallet On The Planet

We all want a safe place to put our cards and cash, but how often does your wallet suffer from wear and tear? Well, a new wallet has been produced by Pioneer which, according to the company, has been “engineered to last a lifetime.”

wallet 1

A campaign on Kickstarter, 2000 backers, and $147,000 in financial contributions have helped bring the Pioneer Flyfold to life. According to Pioneer, they have used the strongest materials to make this the most durable wallet on the planet.

“Our 10XD super fabric is ultra-high-molecular-weight-polyethylene (ten times stronger than steel per weight) blended into a fine nylon ripstop,” Pioneer claims. “The dense and tactile finish repels dirt and water, keeping your wallet in like-new condition for years.”

Pioneer goes on to explain that the material used for the wallet is not only waterproof, but it is also sweatproof and machine washable. Pioneer is not only aiming to add this new material to the mainstream psyche, but it also wants to replace leather wallets altogether.

wallet 2

“Soggy leather wallets weigh you down and fall apart. If you ride to work in the summer you know the feeling. Forgetting your wallet was in your pants when you washed them now only cleans your wallet.”

Pioneer has worked with professional athletes, who have tested the Flyfold, wearing it during their training sessions to get a clear idea of just how durable it is. The feedback was unanimously positive and helped Pioneer achieve their Kickstarter target with over two weeks to spare.

Pioneer’s passion lies in finding a perfect balance between function and aesthetic, making the Flyfold wallet not just a nice looking accessory for a catwalk, but also the more sensible device to store your money in.

wallet 3

Ultimately, Pioneer aims to think forward when it comes to its products, rebelling against the conventions of the past and creating new devices that will aid us in the future.