Say Goodbye To Stinky Feet With These Odorless Socks

After a long, hard day, there are few better feelings than melting into a couch and putting your feet up. For some, however, this might come with some slight embarrassment. If you have a roommate, they likely will not appreciate the stench coming from your socks, shoes, and feet. Fortunately for those cursed with smelly feet, one Chinese company has a solution. Introducing MP Magic Socks, the world’s best odorless socks.

These stink-less socks contain three types of metal infused into the fabric. They claim that silver, copper, and zinc help kill bacteria in your sweat which leads to smelly feet. In addition to removing the stink from your socks, they are more breathable than a normal sock. The company claims “if feels like you’re not even wearing socks.”

Metal ion socks have existed for some time, but Magic Socks makes a claim which brings it to the top: the metal does not wash away. In most metal ion socks, the metal washes away after washing, taking with it their biggest benefit.

One of the biggest issues with Magic Socks is their price. At $19 for a three-pack, cheaper alternatives do exist. Following one journalist’s testing, she found that for more sedentary people, the price difference does not provide that big of an advantage.

However, she found that Magic Socks make a huge impact on athletes and active people. In comparison to normal socks, Magic Socks kept out significantly more odor. Normal socks stunk up pretty quickly and harshly while the Magic Socks only had a faint odor. Plus, they are thinner than many alternatives for the warmer months while keeping your feet less stinky.

MP Magic Socks come from MeltMall, a Chinese company which is always looking to produce innovative products. In the past, MeltMall has come up with products such as Glovax, gloves which protect you from calluses, and a fingerprint-scanning diary called Lockbook.