Check Out The Mug That Will Keep Your Coffee Warm All Morning

For the avid coffee drinkers among us, we’ve all experienced the disappointment of discovering that our coffee has become frigid before we’ve had a chance to drink it.

Oftentimes, after you’ve brewed or poured a fresh cup, you find it’s too hot to drink straight away, only to find yourself distracted by your morning emails before you’ve had a chance to drink. Enter the Ember Ceramic Coffee Mug. This hi-tech mug will keep your morning brew at the perfect temperature, no matter how long it takes you to drink it.

Though the $80 price tag may sound hefty, it’s totally worth it for coffee aficionados. Gone are the days where you toss half a cup of cold coffee, only for the same to happen with your next cup. According to scientists, the optimal temperature for coffee consumption is 136 degrees Fahrenheit.

The Ember mug keeps the coffee at a toasty 135 degrees, which is perfect for the beverage to warm your soul without burning your tongue in the process. You’ll also find that the flavor of the coffee is highlighted by the slightly lowered temperature, making each cup even more enjoyable that it would have been ordinarily.

Ember’s new smart mug is the second product of its ilk. It’s first is a smart travel mug that includes a tiny LCD display on its side, in order to control the temperature of the liquid contained inside.

While the Ember Ceramic Coffee mug can hold 10 ounces of coffee, the travel mug can hold 12, but the extra features will cost you. The travel mug, however, will set you back $150.

The technology Ember employed to regulate the temperature of the contained liquid is ingenious, considering it has to take into account the change in density as the product changes temperature. It’s clear, however, that coffee is just the starting point, and that there will be more self regulating dishes to come.