Worried About Forgetting Your Phone? This Jacket Won’t Let You

Phones are expensive. On top of that, they continue getting smaller and smaller, making it easier than ever to misplace them or forget them somewhere. For most of us, living without a smartphone is not a very fun scenario, either.

If you’re constantly living in fear of losing your phone, have we got a jacket for you! Google and Levi’s have teamed up to create a smart jacket that literally won’t let you leave your phone behind. Not without a warning, at least.

The Jacquard smart jacket includes the Always Together feature, which sets off an automatic alert whenever the jacket goes too far away from the phone. The notification will go both to your phone and your jacket, as the sleeve tag will blink and vibrate.

The jacket will also include a helpful feature that will prompt the phone to ring at full volume when you do a specific gesture using the jacket. Hopefully, the gesture is specific enough that you don’t trigger it automatically…say, at the movies or in a quiet waiting room.

The smart jacket was already a pretty impressive piece of tech, as it provides touch inputs to help wearers control music, navigation pings, and more on their smartphones. The Jacquard jacket also added ride-sharing alerts and other functions in a recent update.

With all of these functions and the new “no phone left behind” features, you have to wonder what kind of price tag is going to be attached to this jacket. Well, wonder no more: the price tag for this bad boy is about $350. Of course, you may be able to find a better price if you take advantage of holiday shopping specials.

With the price of smartphones nowadays and some models now debuting at north of $1,000, an expensive jacket may be a bargain if it keeps you from misplacing your phone.