How IKEA Wants To Dominate The Smart Home Market

IKEA has been a fan favorite for many years. Stylish and varied home furnishings all for affordable prices? Yes, please! However, it seems as though the company is onto something else as IKEA now want to dominate the smart home market, too.

The Beginning

It appears as though IKEA has been working hard to make a name for itself in the smart home market. The company has already been selling smart lights and outlets for many months. However, they have now announced their latest product to hit the shelves: smart blinds. It seems this is only the beginning of the range for IKEA.

How IKEA Want To Dominate The Smart Home Market

Forming Partnerships

Dominating the smart home market is no easy feat with so many companies already looking to make their mark on it all. However, it’s believed that IKEA could soon be teaming up with the likes of Amazon, Apple, and Google, to name just a few companies. Why? They all create some of the most popular smart speakers on the market.

Looking To The Future

Smart lights and blinds are only the beginning for IKEA’s plan to dominate the smart home market. As well as many business collaborations, it seems the company also has plans to team up with Sonos. This means that it might not be long before IKEA has its own connected speaker that could form the basis of the long-term Future Home Sound project.

How IKEA Want To Dominate The Smart Home Market

Heading Online

That’s not all. IKEA admits that their in-store sales have started to dwindle. Have no fear; the company knows the way forward is to tap into the online market. Many of us love a little internet shopping. With all of these smart home products now on the market, IKEA could soon be competing alongside some of the greats as a result of the move.

Kitting Out The Home

Many other companies don’t yet have the resources or customers to fully offer a smart home. That’s where IKEA has the upper hand. The stores already provide many of us with our furnishings, meaning that creating smart home options could soon have many of us upgrading our houses with one of our favorite brands.

IKEA has been busy carving a name for themselves over the years. However, it might soon be time for them to hold a brand new title as the leaders of the smart home market.