This Gadget Makes Sure You Will Never Lose Your Keys Again

Ever wished that you could put a homing beacon on your keys so that you never lose them again? Well now, a gadget has been created that achieves that exact goal. Attach it to your keys and through a smartphone application, you will always know where they are.

keys 1

The Tile is a nifty little gadget that doesn’t look like much. However, that is why it’s so great, because it is so small and inconspicuous. It fits on your keys very easily and has one sole purpose – making sure that you always know where your keys are located.

Let’s say that you’re walking to work and then you say to yourself, “Oh no, where did I put my keys?” Well if you have a Tile, all you have to do is open up the synchronized app on your phone and click “Find.” If the keys are in the vicinity, the Tile will start making a sound of your choosing, to indicate exactly where the keys are hidden.

keys 2

However, it’s not just keys that you can use your Tile for. They can also be attached to wallets, luggage, or any valuables that you carry with you. Anything that you feel you might potentially lose, hook it up to a Tile.

Connecting to your phone through Bluetooth, the device is absolutely genius. But we hear your burning question, “What if I lose my phone? Then what?” All you need to do is click the Tile it is connected to and voila, your phone will make the sound instead!

Also, if your lost item is not in the vicinity – have no fear. You can search through the Tile network. If another Tile user is close to your item, it will send a message to your phone, alerting you its exact location.

keys 3

So if you stumbled across this cool gadget, make sure to buy a few. That way, everything that you like carrying around with you will be connected to the app.