Is The Future Of Motorsport All About Flying Cars?

The whizz of the cars. The sound of the tires. The adrenaline of it all. Motorsport has filled many of our lives for years. However, it looks as though things could all be about to change as many people are asking the same question: is the future of motorsport all about flying cars?

Is The Future Of Motorsport All About Flying Cars?

Taking To The Skies

Motorsport has been able to achieve some incredible things over the years. The cars have reached almost impossible speeds, and teams appear to be more skilled than ever. How will they ever push the adrenaline even further? It looks as though the answer could be with flying cars. The best bit? Alauda Racing, an engineering company, has already put its plans for the skies into motion.

Crafting Their Project

The company has been working hard to bring a Formula 1 car and a drone together, and it looks as though their hard work might have paid off. Yes, the Airspeeder is made with a carbon-fiber chassis, is fully electric, and can vertically take off and land. No longer are flying cars a dream for the future. It looks as though they’re here and ready to make their grand debut.

Is The Future Of Motorsport All About Flying Cars?

Set To Take Off

The Airspeeder has been in the works for many months. Now, the company is set to reveal their grand design in July at the Goodwood Festival of Speed. The first crewed flights will then take place later this year. If everything goes to plan, then it won’t be long before these flying cars will take to the racetracks.

A New Race

The Airspeeder World Championships will be a significant event, and it looks as though the company has plans to bring them to life by 2020. The race will feature five teams each consisting of two pilots as they race around the track in the hopes of taking home the grand prize. Unlike any other motorsport races, the vehicles will be flying above the track rather than burning up rubber on the asphalt.

It appears as though all those former dreams of the future are finally coming to life before our very eyes. This flying car could be just the beginning of a brand new chapter in motorsport, and one that we can’t wait to see.