The New Folding Phone Has One Big Problem

Remember when we thought the days of foldable phones were behind us? Well, it turns out they’re not, although they’ve changed a little. The Galaxy Fold was recently released to members of the press so they could review it, but they didn’t give the response that Samsung had hoped for. It seems there was one big problem with the device that was very difficult for the critics to overlook.

The New Folding Phone Has One Big Problem

Return Of The Folding Phone

Once upon a time, flip phones were the latest craze in the mobile industry. You were the coolest kid in the schoolyard if you had a phone that you had to flip up to use. Of course, as soon as smartphones came along, features like this were no longer sought after. People wanted the biggest, slickest phone available, leaving this attribute to fade from most products. That was until Samsung decided they wanted to bring it back in an exciting new way.

An Innovative Design

Rather than being a device that you flip up, the Galaxy Fold is a phone that opens outwards. It essentially gives you double the screen space while still being compact enough to carry around in a pocket. Of course, the thing that’s strange about Samsung’s latest product is that the whole phone is one big screen. Rather than having a parting in the middle, the device is designed so the screen itself folds in half. Naturally, this has caused some issues for users.

The New Folding Phone Has One Big Problem

The Overwhelming Issue

Within days of receiving the product, numerous reviewers revealed that their Galaxy Fold had already broken. People were reporting various issues with their screen, from one side not working correctly to the whole phone going bust. This is a significant issue for Samsung who can’t expect the public to buy their product if its liable to breaking. Thankfully, it seems like there might be a good reason why all these critics have found themselves with broken devices.

Easy Mistake To Make

It seems the reason that most people were having problems was that they’d removed the screen protector covering the device. Unlike most smartphones, this is something that actually needs to be left well alone, rather than being peeled off immediately. Now that critics have received new phones and been advised not to touch the protector, they shouldn’t have any more problems.

Will the Galaxy Fold be successful? Only time will tell on that one.