Facebook Expands Its New 3D Photos Feature for Older Devices


Facebook has improved its new 3D photos feature so that more users can have the chance to bring their images to life. The feature previously only worked for devices with upmarket camera specifications. However, Facebook has now extended it to work on older smart devices, such as mid-market Androids and the iPhone 7. From now on, the feature can also be used on the front-facing single-lens camera to take 3D selfies.

3D Photos: One Step Closer to Reality

Facebook says that this improvement is possible due to the high advancements in their AI and teaching it to infer the third-dimension structures from two-dimensional photos within a fraction of a second. Researchers said that this could make this photo technology easily accessible for the first time to millions of people who only have single-lens camera tablets or phones.


Facebook later added in their statement that it would also allow every user to experience decades-old family photos and valuable images in a new way, thanks to the 3D technology. Users with state-of-the-art dual-camera devices can also benefit from this improvement because they can now use their front-facing single camera to take 3D selfies. From now on, anyone with an iPhone 7 or higher, and recent midrange or better Android device can try the option in the Facebook app.

Facebook announced these photos for the first time in 2018, but they were only available with iPhones that could take portrait mode shots.

How To Make Them on iPhone

  • Select “What’s on your mind?” at the top of your News Feed. Then tap on “Write something”
  • Scroll down and select a 3D photo
  • Select the photo that you want to upload
  • Tap Share or Post

How To Make Them on Android

  • Tap What’s on your mind on your News Feed
  • Tap Write something
  • Scroll down and select the 3D photo option
  • Select the photo you want to use
  • Tap Share and Post