How To Have Your Face On Your Latte

This $999 machine could be one of the most inventive ideas in the world for coffee lovers. With a click of a button, this machine links to an app which prints out natural coffee extract, called Ripple Pods, in any design your heart desires. You can either choose an image from the library or use one of your own photos from your camera roll and in no time your picture is made into foam.

Ripple Maker

This new system can allow anyone to print the most detailed designs on their lattes or cappuccinos.  The machine combines 3D printing technology with an ink-jet system to “print out” natural coffee extract.

Your Face Or Mine

Not only can you choose from the vast library of images from the app itself, but you can also submit an image from your camera roll which can instantly be transformed into a foam. The images chosen can be edited, scaled, and, for the Instagram lovers, they can even be filtered. You can also have text added.

The Technical Stuff

The company behind the system, Stem CC, claim the machine takes less than 10 seconds to print the image. So you can sit back and relax whilst the machine creates an artistic masterpiece.

The system also automatically adjusts to a range of coffee cups up to 7 inches high and 4.5 inches wide. Making it even easier, the Ripple Maker even connects to your Wifi.

No artificial color is added, Ripple images are produced in ‘Coffee Scale’ – coffee based shades rather than full color.

Not Only Coffee

The Ripple Maker has its many other uses. Whilst being known for printing foam on the best coffees, in the U.K. the machine has been creating cocktails with a twist. What better way to impress your loved one or even first date than by taking them to a cocktail bar where they can order a drink with their face on it!