These Earbuds Are Just As Good As AirPods – But A Lot Cheaper

Would you believe us if we told you these earbuds are just as good as Airpods – but a lot cheaper? We know, Apple has been near the top of the tech game for years. However, it looks as though they could have some long-awaited competition on the market at last.

These Earbuds Are Just As Good As AirPods – But A Lot Cheaper

Value For Money

AirPods might be great, but they start at $160. That’s a lot of money for people trying to cut back on spending. However, JLab’s JBuds Air Executive earbuds have swept onto the market at just $69.99. That’s a big difference – and one that could be the deciding point.

Touch Sensitive System

The Air Executives come with touch controls on each side. That means you can skip tracks, answer phone calls, and even activate virtual assistants without grabbing your phone. The best bit? Each earbud has its own features on each side.

These Earbuds Are Just As Good As AirPods – But A Lot Cheaper

Plenty Of Features

It turns out the Air Executives are filled with features. They are marketed to last 6 hours while the case charge lasts 24 hours. The best bit? There are also many different sized ear cups included in their price, and they are water-resistant. No longer do you have to be so worried about your tech.

Great Sound

The AirPods might not have any competition if nothing can beat their sound, but it looks as though it might be time to start worrying. The Air Executives have three listening sounds, including bass boost and balanced, depending on how you like to enjoy your tunes.

There are many wireless earbuds on the market, but it looks as though the Air Executives could be some of the first to give AirPods a true scare. They are just as good as the real deal – and they come without the high price tag. Could we ask for any more?