Customers Would Happily Pay An Extra $600 For A Foldable iPhone

Fans of Apple products are always happy to part with whatever price tag the tech giants come up with for their products. Despite often being the most expensive products on the market, people line up for days to get their hands on the latest gadget from Apple. Now it seems that customers would be happy to shell out an additional $600 to buy a foldable iPhone.

Customers Would Happily Pay An Extra $600 For A Foldable iPhone

The Latest Trend?

Phones have largely remained the same for quite a long time, just plain old rectangles with fancy touch screens. The only real difference in smartphones is what software they are running, but finally it seems as though there is some innovation in the design process once again.

Samsung was the first smartphone company to really get on board with foldable phones, thought the Galaxy Fold has endured a terrible start. The phone had serious issues, and the launch was put back until the tech giant found a solution.

Customers Would Happily Pay An Extra $600 For A Foldable iPhone

Apple Following Suit?

With the folding smartphone revolution on the horizon, Apple consumers were asked whether they would be interested in a folding iPhone, even if it cost an extra $600. Apple customers are used to paying a premium, and around a third of the customers surveyed by UBS claimed they would pay the extra cost.

The Silicon Valley company might not be in as much of a rush to get their folding iPhone to the market as Samsung are though. Apple is focused on making all of its iPhones 5G compatible in 2020, so it could be the following year that we see them enter the folding phone market.

In a couple of years, Samsung’s folding phone will have been out for some time, and if it’s a success, then Apple lovers will pay anything for their own foldable iPhone.