Check Out The Bike That Lights Up The Road With An LED Front Wheel

Biking at night is an activity that confers both pleasure and fear, depending on how well-lit your area is. Though many riders are careful to attach a backlight or reflective tape, especially when it comes to road riding, it isn’t always enough when it comes to visibility.

From dead batteries to forgetting your lights altogether, it would be helpful if bike lights could be built right into the design itself. That’s why one company is releasing a bike with a front fork that’s been fitted with LED light strips.

The brainchild of Mission Bicycle, a startup hailing from San Francisco, the new bikes have two strips of LED lights that are built into the frame itself. All you have to do is press a button in order to turn the lights on and off. With about 100 lights total in the strips, the luminosity offered is certainly a game changer.

The lights are fully wired into the bike itself, so none of the hardware will get in your way while you’re riding. However, if you take a look at the back seat, you’ll find that there are a few small red lights situated just under the back seat.

The lights run off a rechargeable battery, which can be accessed by opening the top cap in the headset. The battery is easy to take out and will charge via a USB cord, like all of your other electronics. One of the more exciting features of the bike is that you can also adjust the brightness of the lights, which of course will help to preserve battery life. Mission Bicycles LED fitted bike frames may not let you see in a dark country lane, but they will ensure that other cars and cyclists will see you on whatever path you may be riding down.