How To Pick The Best WiFi Extender

The internet is something that many of us crave – especially in the comfort of our own home. If you’ve had enough of huddling in one room to get the best signal, then it could be time to learn how to pick the best wifi extender. You can thank us later.

How To Pick The Best WiFi Extender

Learning The Types

There are many types of wifi extenders depending on your internet needs. Many of them plug directly into the wall. However, some also lie flat on any desktop and come with their own host of benefits. If you are short on space, then it’s probably best to stick to one that attaches to the wall to save your precious surface space.

Placing The Extender

So where should you put your wifi extender? To find the best spot, you need to figure out where your wifi starts to cut out. Then, work out the halfway point between your router and where it cuts off. This means your extender will be able to pick up enough signal from the router to help make sure that it makes it to the rest of your home.

How To Pick The Best WiFi Extender

Setting It Up

All wifi extenders come with their own instructions, but most follow similar steps. It’s all about pressing the WPS buttons on our router and extender to make sure you get a connection between the pair. If the extender comes with an ethernet port, it might be worth wiring it to your router as a cabled signal will be much stronger than a wireless one.

Wifi can be something that many of us battle with as we try to spread it throughout our homes. It can sometimes feel as though we will never have a way to enjoy it throughout the house, but a wifi extender could finally be the answer to all of your problems.