Amazon Introduces Security Camera For Watching Deliveries

Amazon is continuing its push to integrate itself into your everyday life. If you thought Amazon Key was the end of recent Amazon announcements, you would be mistaken. Now you can watch over your home with the Cloud Cam.


Cloud Cam is like most security cameras. It watches your home, your pets, and your kids while you are gone. Unlike other security cameras, Cloud Cam is Alexa-enabled, and is integrated with the new Amazon Key.

Amazon Key helps automate your home deliveries so you can receive packages while you are away from the house. This includes allowing guests into your home if you are not there. Cloud Cam comes with the Amazon Key In-Home Kit so that you can keep track of who is entering your home.

The camera records 30 fps in 1080p video and stores the footage in the Amazon cloud. The footage is stored for 24 hours unless you opt to purchase a subscription for $6.99 a month or $69 a year.

The subscription lets you take a look back at security footage from further back in time. In addition, Cloud Cam has a 120-degree viewing, night vision capabilities, motion detector, two-way audio, and an ambient light sensor. Users can access the camera through a mobile app.


Amazon claims that it has some artificial intelligence too. This will help users that do not want to be alerted any time the dog crosses the field of vision. It will learn over time the type of activities which require an alert.

It should be no surprise that Cloud Cam is Alexa-enabled. If you have other Amazon gadgets with Alexa, such as a Fire TV or Tablet, you could see the live Cloud Cam feed on your screen.

In addition, if you needed to announce something at home, through Echo Spot and the camera’s mic, you could announce that it is time for dinner.


Cloud Cam will cost $119.99 or can be purchased with the Amazon Key In-Home Kit for $249.99. They will begin shipping in November.