Move Over 5G! 6G Is Here to Change the Game

The only constant is change, and this has never been truer than when speaking about technology. The world went from 1G to 5G in a relatively short period of time, and now it seems that 6G is the next natural step towards better and faster wireless connectivity. The past couple of decades have seen rapid new advancements and modifications, the kind which we would have never even imagined. Here’s everything you need to know about the advanced 6G network.

The Possibility of 6G Network

It seems quite early to throw around the possibility of 6G, while half of the world is still communicating through 4G or the newly-deployed 5G network, and many areas across the globe are still using 3G. But it’s a typical market practice to have a new network in the spotlight every decade or so. That means, there’s a high possibility for 6G networks to roll out around 2030. But since the experimental work starts almost a decade prior, rumors about the 6G network are now afloat. Once the new network hits the market, it’s just a matter of time before telecom companies have 6G trials and mobile manufacturers come up with 6G-compatible sets.

The Benefits of 6G Network

To put it simply, every single improvement brought in by 5G will be manifested as a better and enhanced version in 6G. According to Marcus Weldon of Nokia Bell Labs, 6G is going to be a sixth sense experience for humans and machines, where biology will meet AI. 6G will continue to support all the advanced technology we’re already destined to experience with the 5G network like the more powerful VR and AR, interconnected smart farms and cities, V2V communication, intelligent robot workforce in factories, etc. 6G will add a modified layer of bigger bandwidth to all these services, expanding the field of further innovation. So with 6G, we might come one step closer to making the sci-fi world a reality with more immersive VR applications, life-like 3D hologram video calls, and many more.