YouTube Video Chapters Now Makes It Easier to Find What You Want in a Video

It seems as though YouTube has made viewing video content even easier for its users. Videos from your favorite streamers and content creators now have the option of coming with chapters, meaning you can skip straight to the good parts.

Testing With YouTubers

YouTube rolled out its new Video Chapters feature with some of its more popular content creators to test the waters. This new change proved to be a success, and now the video platform is rolling out the new service platform-wide. People who view YouTube via desktop, iOS, or Android devices can now enjoy the new feature.

How It Works

The feature is optional for content creators, and it’s simple to use. All creators have to do is list at least three timestamps that they want to be broken up into specific chapters. The chapters are found in the description of the video and must last at least 10 seconds. The video creator will then have to include a title alongside the description to appear in their content.

Liking The Change

Youtube claimed that its new chapters service had received positive comments from the content creators who were given the opportunity to test it. One way the chapters help to improve the experience on YouTube is to make it much easier to find the content you are looking for.

This is even more apparent when looking for a specific clip on long-form videos or podcasts. It’s also going to be much easier to find the information on multi-topic videos that you are mostly interested in. You can also rewatch certain clips from videos or music videos with greater ease.

Perhaps the way we watch videos on YouTube will change now that we can skip back and forth between chapters. Those content creators who used Video Chapters enjoyed the feature, but only time will tell whether it becomes the norm.