Wedding Photobombs That Newlyweds Will Never Forget

Let’s face it, every bride and groom wants their wedding day to be absolutely perfect. Everything from the ceremony and the food to the seating arrangements and the band need to go exactly according to plan. Of course, something usually goes wrong on one’s big day. But for those people who thought that their wedding day was absolutely perfect; they might want to give their wedding photo album a closer inspection. You never know – there is always a chance that somebody might’ve had the sudden urge to photobomb one of your cherished moments. Join us as we reveal some of the most outrageous wedding photobombs to have surfaced online in recent memory.

Ain’t No Wedding High Enough

When it comes to photobombs, it’s a matter of perspective. While you might think that one party is getting photobombed, it might actually be the other “person” who is the victim.

photobombs 99

It appears that these newlyweds are actually stealing the spotlight from the adorable chipmunk. All he wanted to do was sing his rendition of “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough,” but no. This married couple just needed to get in the way and be the center of attention.

I Now Pronounce You Owl & Wife

It was a huge day for Jacob Owlhead. After gradually being accepted into society, this owl/human hybrid had won the heart of a lucky lady and the day had finally come for them to tie the knot.

photobombs 2

After reciting their vows, Jacob carried his bride and flew away. However, there is a small chance that this story is not actually true. Instead, an owl could’ve perfectly obstructed the cameraman’s view of the groom’s head.

Ew! Gross!

Some photobombs, like all pictures, say a thousand words. Exhibit A. You’re the best man at your best friend’s wedding. Amazingly, the person who your best friend is marrying is the first person he’s ever kissed.

photobombs 15

And, as the best man, you’ve never seen your best friend kiss anyone, until now. So, in a matter of a few sentences, we have been able to explain exactly why this best man couldn’t keep a straight face on his best friend’s big day.

Is That Nessy?

Is there really a better place for Scottish people to get married than in the heart of the enchanted Loch Ness? Traditionally, Scottish men wear the iconic kilt on this monumental occasion.

photobombs 3

So when this couple got photobombed by the cutest of dolphins, their knee-jerk reaction was that the Loch Ness Monster was finally revealing herself after all these years. However, it was still nice to get such a warm surprise. It turns out that this couple actually got married at an aquarium in Edinburgh.

Holy Catrimony

No matter how blurry some photobombs might be, you know exactly who is ruining the photo. Take this image, for example. Based on the blurry obstructor, we are certain that it’s a cat.

photobombs 4

Apparently, the camera reminds her of a saucer of milk and she couldn’t help but lick the entire surface. Of course, the little furball is completely oblivious to the fact that her owners are tying the knot today. The newlyweds don’t seem to mind though.

All Aboard The Train!

Some photobombs are less traditional than others, like this one. When this young lady decided to walk down the aisle on her wedding day, her beloved dog Larry couldn’t stand the idea of sharing her with another man.

photobombs 5

So sad to give away his owner, he held on as tight as possible, sitting down on her wedding dress train. Despite marveling at the cute situation, the bride-to-be knew that she wanted to marry this guy. Larry can’t speak, but he eventually understood.

Look Guys, No Hands!

These two newlyweds were so overwhelmed by the occasion that they couldn’t hear the pastor trying to get their attention.

photobombs 6

Fully aware of where the camera was facing, the pastor jumped up on the altar and tried to create the illusion that he was balanced on the groom’s head! We know that some religious figures have every right to have fun as much as the next person, but the last person we want to make photobombs at our wedding is our minister!

I Need A Boyfriend…

When you are the maid of honor at your best friend’s wedding, you are most likely going to be the cause of a few photobombs.

photobombs 7

It’s unavoidable, especially since you are going to be so close to the bride and groom on their big day. However, when the newlyweds are letting go at the reception and cutting the cake, you might want to move down a few seats to let them take some more intimate photos.

Take The Leap Of Faith

They say that committing to one person for the rest of your life is the ultimate leap of faith. However, if you apply the right amount of love, patience, and time to your relationship, it’s a leap of faith worth taking.

photobombs 8

It’s funny then how some wedding guests can take inspirational speeches so seriously. After the pastor used this “leap of faith” trope during the ceremony, one guy took the speech literally and simply dove into the sea.

Royally Annoyed

There are also some photobombs that have occurred at celebrity weddings. When Prince William and his wife Kate unveiled themselves to the public in their wedding attire, the people of England whipped out their phones and snapped away in awe.

photobombs 12

At the same time, they ended up falling in love with the adorable little girl who was clearly annoyed by all of the noise and cheers of the crowd. She doesn’t care if it’s a royal wedding, she wants a quiet wedding!

Peeping Tom

Just when you thought that you could have a moment of privacy on your wedding day, one of the cameramen is there to interrupt your romantic kiss with your loved one! That’s not all though.

photobombs 13

Not only was the cameraman so distracted by his own invasive ways. he also didn’t notice the weirdo sneaking up behind the bride and groom. Do you want to know the creepiest part though? He wasn’t even invited to the wedding. We’re talking about the cameraman…

Make Way, Coming Through!

Sometimes, photobombs are intentional, and sometimes, they’re not. And sometimes, you just can’t control yourself and a sudden urge hits you. You realize that you need to go to the bathroom and can’t hold it in any longer.

photobombs 17

This sudden urge will make you do the most irrational things. These include running past two newlyweds who are having an organized photo while signing the guestbook. From here on out, this guy will be known as the crazy uncle who couldn’t hold it in.

Ok So Who Has The Ring?

Ever felt like you were being watched? Were you ever the main character of your own horror movie? Something is lurking in the shadows and you only realize where the creepy energy is coming from when it’s too late and BANG!

photobombs 32

The ghost has got you. Well, what if that scenario ends up happening on your wedding day? What if you end up seeing the same Ring-like figure appearing in all of your wedding photos?

Star-Crossed Lovers

What do you do when you see a married couple having a romantic photoshoot on the street? That’s right, you stop whatever you’re doing and photobomb the darn thing. It doesn’t matter what you do, think of something quickly!

photobombs 14

You could flex your muscles, do a cartwheel, “walk like an Egyptian,” do a backflip, moonwalk, do a pirouette, beat your chest, or do a star jump, like this guy. We don’t really care what you do. Just do it!

The Ultimate Wedding Crasher

Photobombs can come from the most unlikely sources. You might be enjoying your wedding, going out into the woods with your newlywed spouse and enjoying a romantic photo shoot. Nothing strange seemed to happen during the entire expedition.

photobombs 20

Then, when everything is said and done, you receive that huge wedding photo album. And then you see it. “Look, Honey, guess who decided to crash the wedding and we never even knew about it,” the groom said. That’s right folks. A meerkat.

We Need Boundaries

Any healthy relationship has boundaries. You should always establish with your friends or loved ones when you are able and not able to talk. Also, you should know when is an acceptable time to pay your friends a visit.

photobombs 16

Moreover, you should have a good idea of when to appear from behind that wall and say “hi” to the bride and groom. Apparently, this guy doesn’t understand boundaries and as a result, one of the most awkward photobombs on this list was formed.

Run For Your Lives!

Anyone who has seen the tossing of the bouquet at a wedding knows the symbolism behind it. Basically, whichever lady catches it could be the next woman to get married. At least, their chances are supposed to improve considerably.

photobombs 11

However, the older lady who’s inadvertently photobombing this photo seems to be running a mile away from that bouquet. Our theory is that she once won the same tradition when she was younger. However, it only ended up bringing her bad luck in the love department…

“L” Is For Llama…

Ever heard of the story of the jealous llama who gatecrashed a wedding and photobombed the bride and groom while they were kissing? No, it’s not a common story that your parents would tell you.

photobombs 23

This is mainly in part due to the fact that it ended with a violent boxing match between the South American creature and the groom. In the end, the llama won with a total knockout in the third round. The bride jumped on his back and rode off into the sunset.

Love & Hate In Perfect Harmony

There are times when a photo perfectly combines two polar opposites, creating a perfect balance. When these two newlyweds posed under their beautiful waterfront canopy, they had no idea that one of the most perfect photobombs was happening in plain sight.

photobombs 18

You have to take your hat off to the guys in the background. Despite being in the middle of a heated dispute, they made sure to whisper their insults to one another, out of respect for the bride and groom.

The Ultimate Third Wheel

It’s easy to use the term “third wheel” when describing photobombs in wedding photos. However, one guy took the expression to a whole new level when he literally rode his bicycle through an organized wedding photo.

photobombs 9

He was simply on his way to work and didn’t notice the group of wedding guests on one side of him and photographer on the other, before it was too late. The only thing left was a moment of sheer humiliation and a viral photo for the ages.

Time For The Honeymoo…

There are some photobombs that truly live up to the word, especially when it comes to the “bomb.” These special guest appearances in our wedding photo albums can have truly explosive consequences.

photobombs 21

While some are so subtle, we never even knew they happened, others are impossible to ignore. Take this couple, for example, who literally had to jump out of the way when an angry cow charged towards them. Although the creature didn’t have horns, the couple is glad they dodged in time.

Odd One Out

It might not be one of the most traditional photobombs of all time. Nevertheless, we think it just about qualifies, especially since the photo was probably supposed to go a slightly different way.

photobombs 19

By that, we mean that the little bridesmaid probably should’ve been looking at the other bridesmaids with the same cheeky grin. However, the actual end result was so much better. It’s as if the sudden realization hit her that she was very much the odd one out.

Waldo’s Wedding

Make no mistake about it; Waldo is the guy that this bride is getting married to. Why on Earth would the classic character wear anything other than his traditional red and white stripes, even to his own wedding?

photobombs 22

Also, it would violate Waldo regulations if he would try to pose with everyone else. When you’re Waldo, you need to remain as well-hidden as possible. However, Waldo seems to be a little rusty today as he was the first thing we saw in the photo…

They Didn’t See The Signs…

You know when the minister says “if anyone objects to this union, please speak now?” Well, it seems like someone got to the canopy a few hours before the ceremony and put a “STOP” sign behind for that very reason.

photobombs 10

However, the subtle objection ended up being ignored by everyone in attendance, including the photographer. At the very least, the bride and groom should have seen this as some sort of warning sign that maybe they shouldn’t rush into this holy matrimony…

Let’s Get To The Bottom Of This

Some photobombs are unintentional. Instead, they are simply badly timed photos. So when such a phenomenon happens at one’s wedding, you can either cry tears of laughter or sadness. Either way, we hope it won’t ruin your wedding.

photobombs 31

When this bride-to-be was having a private photo shoot before the ceremony, she was having a genuine moment of reflection. Eager to see how it looked on camera, only then did she notice the horror show that she had created.