Tom Hollander Got Tom Holland’s Marvel Check and Is Just as Jealous as the Rest of Us

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Anyone with a regular job would be envious of how much money big-name actors make. Well, as it turns out, some Hollywood stars are just as jealous as we are. Tom Hollander got sent Tom Holland’s Marvel paycheck by accident because their names are so similar. Understandably, Hollander kind of wishes he was Holland.

The Incident

Hollander revealed what happened while promoting his new film Feud on Late Night With Seth Meyers. Apparently, the actor received one of Holland’s Spider-Man paychecks. “People in the accounts department of my agency got confused. We were with the same agency, briefly. It was a terrible moment, I went to see my friend who was doing theater in England for £300 a week and doing great work. I sat smugly in the audience having just done a BBC show for 30 grand or something which was gonna get me through the next year or so, I was thinking ‘Well this is marvelous, I’m very prosperous.’” That’s when the error occurred, “It was an astonishing amount of money, it was not his salary, it was his first box office bonus. Not the whole box office, the first one. It was more money than I’ve ever, it was a seven-figure sum. He was 20, so my feeling of smugness disappeared very quickly.”

It Wasn’t the First Time

There’s kind of an unspoken rule in Hollywood that people keep their names somewhat separate. For example, Katy Perry’s real name is Katheryn Hudson but she changed it in order to avoid confusion with Kate Hudson. Apparently, Tom Holland didn’t get the memo. Tom Hollander pointed out, “It’s been very difficult, because you know I was here first but he’s enormously famous. I don’t actually get mistaken for him, but in nonvisual contexts, I get mistaken for him all the time.”

YouTube // Late Night with Seth Meyers

Which Tom do you prefer?