How Ryan Reynolds and Mint Mobile Became Successful Partners

Ryan Reynolds
How Ryan Reynolds and Mint Mobile Became Successful Partners

Celebrity interest in investment has significantly increased in the past decade, especially ones related to tech companies and innovation. While folks like Ashton Kutcher have prioritized their venture capitalist pursuits, others have decided to invest casually with minimum involvement. And then there are others like Ryan Reynolds who use their considerable platforms to spread awareness and promote their market portfolio.

Ryan Reynolds Took Mint Mobile to New Heights

It’s been over a year since the Deadpool actor bought a majority stake at Mint Mobile, the fastly growing mobile virtual network operator. The greatest success of Mint Mobile, however, undoubtedly came after Ryan Reynolds’ involvement in the marketing initiatives and announcements of the company following the acquisition. In just four years of its operation, Mint Mobile has seen an almost 50,000% boost in revenue, which is a massive success given that the company doesn’t sell “sexy aspirational stuff” like perfumes, watches, and cars, as Reynolds says himself.

Android phone using Mint Mobile
How Ryan Reynolds and Mint Mobile Became Successful Partners

Mint Isn’t Reynolds’ First Entrepreneurial Venture

When Ryan saw where most celebrities were investing (primarily in luxury and aspirational items and projects), he decided he wanted to go the other way and back companies that were selling a different kind of product or service. That’s how he found Mint Mobile. That, however, isn’t his first entrepreneurial venture. Back in 2018, he acquired Aviation Gin — a Portland-based company — which was recently sold for $610 million.

In addition, Ryan Reynolds also co-founded a marketing agency called Maximum Effort that is still doing great to this day. The initial goal of the company was to help promote his first Deadpool movie, but they have struck a number of other successful projects since, including poking fun at the famous, manipulative Peloton ad.

Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool
How Ryan Reynolds and Mint Mobile Became Successful Partners

Following the experience Reynolds acquired through his previous ventures, he was able to take Mint Mobile and not only boost its revenue but brand it as a cool company that doesn’t necessarily sell a sexy product.